Irish Potatoes

Now it seems that the Irish do really, really like their potatoes. When our menu’s state the main with either vegetables or salad, theirs ask the question, potato or chips? A baked potato comes with chips on the side and the pies are all topped with mash. For from hating this, I’ve become quite addicted to potatoes and miss them terribly with every meal! But alas, here is the story of my journey through Ireland.

Day 1 I arrive at the Dublin International Airport and manage to find a bus to take me into the city. Using my hand drawn map I set off in what I believe to be the right direction, made difficult by the apparent lack of street signs. In the end I just follow the noise of the pubs and find my hostel.

Day 2 and I join the tour, the people are all friendly and we stop at this quaint village. Everything is so beautiful. All the houses are cottages with flowers hanging from the window sills. The grass is so green. But man is it cold! Also, although it is light until 11pm, the sun never seems to actually come out… We stop for lunch in a pub and I have the most beautiful seafood chowder with soda bread. It was so rich and creamy and the sour bread when perfectly with it. We went to kiss the blarney stone which was great fun, bending backwards into a huge gaping hole. That night we also go to a pub in Killarney, I love pub food, and I had honey baked ham with mustard and a solid helping of mashed potato. We went to see a story teller which was mostly dirty jokes- the Aussies and the Irish are very similar in that respect. That night I had my first, and last, guiness. Eugh. Not nice. But anyway, had a great night clubbing afterward.

Day three and explored the Dingle Peninsula. We went to the most beautiful beach and dipped our toes in the ocean. The landscape was stunning, all ice cold rocks and jagged cliffs. It’s said that the atlantic ocean will take a part of your soul for safe keeping, but you must return in 20 years to reclaim it. Lunch was a truly awful seafood chowder, I didn’t end up eating it.  Dinner that night was pasta in the hostel that I made with a few friends. I went out for a few drinks at the pub, cute Irish footballers and cider with blackberry made a grand night.

Day 4 saw us at the stunning Cliffs of Moer. I have never felt wind that strong or icy! It was literally pushing us over. The views were stunning but there were fences everywhere stopping that real, I’m here in nature feeling. Hot chocolate was the best idea ever that day! We then went to a little town whos main attraction is the surf. Yes, surf. As in, in the ocean. Now it’s summer there at the moment and no way in hell would you get me in there- crazy people! We tried some great ice cream though- sea salt and butterscotch. Now the sea salt sounds crazy but it is delicious! That night we head out for dinner all together. I have a great warming Irish Stew and a beautiful apple pie. The pastry was so creamy and soft.

Day 5 we head over to Iniss Mor one of the islands off the coast. Cycling around this landscape was beautiful and we got to see a seal colony. Lunch was really, really fresh fish and chips with bear batter. It was practically still splashing! Then a great cocktail of baileys, whiskey, chocolate and butterscotch schnapps. Nom. Back to the mainland for dinner where I had an amazing goats cheese filo with pesto. Banoffe pie for dessert was amazing! So fresh with such delicious cream!

Day 6 was in Galway and we shopped for hte morning. I found my charm, a four leaf clover, and a few other things. Then we headed back to Dublin on the bus. I went out to dinner with a few friends and had Italian with heaps of parmazin. Yum.

My last day in Dublin consisted of getting to the airport. I did however stop at a cafe to have breakfast, a traditional Irish breakfast. Sausages, bacon, bread, poached egg, tomato, a beautiful chutney, black pudding and white pudding. With a little trepidation I tried the pudding, but YUM! It was amazing. Great end to a trip.

Now I’d like to go back to Ireland, but spend more time in one place, really absorbing the atmosphere and nature. Such a beautiful country!


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