Vietnam part one.

When I travel, I do so through my stomach. I love tasting the local cuisine and experimenting with new flavours. What appealed to me most about Vietnam was the array of strong Asian flavours guaranteed to make my mouth water.

Day one had us lunching on a delicious seafood noodle dish with tiny octopus which were amazingly tender, fresh summer rice poster rolls and fried pork spring rolls which were salty and crunchy and perfect with the sweet lime dipping sauce. Another dish with vermicelli noodles and beef highlighted the use of hot and cold elements to Vietnamese cooking. The smooth texture of the noodles was highlighted by their cool temperature next to the hot beef.

Dinner on out first night was a highlight! Fried, dried pineapple fish with chilli sauce had an amazing intense flavour and were delightfully chewy. The banana flower salad was amazing with sweet and savory elements blended perfectly. The salt chilli squid still makes my mouth water. It’s saltiness was set off perfectly by the sauce and it was so tender! My favourite of the night was definitely the pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce. This sauce is nothing like you’d expect back home. It was like a thick soup broth with 20c sized pieces of rib in it. It was a rich red colour with onion to add the sweetness, fish sauce and lime. It was so good that Da and I polished off the broth long after the pork was gone!


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