Vietnam part two.

So I missed a few things about our first day. Firstly I am in love with what they call lime juice here. It’s really a good shot of fresh lime juice with sugar and water. And it is delicious! I also forgot to mention the drinks on our first morning when I had a lemon and mint smoothie that rated just like the mint of the choc chop mint icecream of my childhood.

Breakfast day two was pho with pork. This clear soup is full of chilli, fresh herbs and lime. We got a lime wedge, lettuce extra chilli and fish sauce on the side to add as we liked. So beautiful! For lunch we had a banh mi from a tiny stall on the street. It is basically a baguette with pate, tomato, cucumber, fresh herbs and, to my surprise, a good squirt of fish sauce and chilli sauce. Ohhhh the taste of this was just devine. The baguette was so light and crunchy and the fillings so tasty!

We had a long drive to or spa resort where we ate bacon in fish sauce, prawns in tamarind, king fish in clay pot and a vietnamese beef salad. The flavours were all nice but not as gracefully balanced as I’ve come to expect from the food here. Breakfast was a buffet with cold spring rolls, beautiful sticky pork buns and omlettes to order.

Lunch was between massages. In the morning I was slathered in melted chocolate and stroked into oblivion. Then crunchy crab spring rolls with fried in their rice paper giving them a really light juiciness. The fresh sorting rolls with great in their dipping sauce and the dragon eggs, consisting of mushroom eshallots and other unidentified bits inside a mashed taro like ball and then fried were interesting with a mayo dip. More lime juice was had. Always more lime juice!


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