Fresh Tomato Soup

One of the great things about moving out of the city is that on the drive back from Bris there are beautiful fresh fruit and vegetable shops. Giant twisting sweet potatoes, beautiful bright red tomatoes, tiny perfect potatoes. That’s my inspiration for tonight’s dinner- these fat bright tomatoes that just screamed, EAT ME! Fresh Tomato … More Fresh Tomato Soup

Bahn Mi

I’m dreaming of Vietnam and today I made a last minute dash to the supermarket to pick up the fixings of Bahn Mi rather than the sausages I was planning to eat tonight. Although I lacked the millions of fresh herbs that should be in this meal, it tasted AMAZING. Surprisingly it was similar to … More Bahn Mi

Vietnam-final part

Now I’ve been back for almost a week now and it’s time to finish off my foodie adventures! On our final night we went on a foodie tour, on motorbikes with these amazingly beautiful Vietnamese women in traditional dress. I would recommend this tour for anyone who goes to Vietnam, it was such great fun … More Vietnam-final part