Vietnam-final part

Now I’ve been back for almost a week now and it’s time to finish off my foodie adventures! On our final night we went on a foodie tour, on motorbikes with these amazingly beautiful Vietnamese women in traditional dress. I would recommend this tour for anyone who goes to Vietnam, it was such great fun and motorbike is the best way to see Ho Chi Mihn.

So we started the tour with a short but exhilerating ride through district one to a tiny street vendor. Now you’ve heard my rants about how amazing pho is, especially for breakfast, but this was something different. Bun Bo Hue is a clear beef noodle soup, similar to pho, but with a much richer and sweeter stock, and white noodles. It came with all the usual herbs and a beautiful chilli mix that was sauteed with garlic and herbs to really bring out this rich strong flavour. I tried not to gorge myself on this, as it was our first of many meals of the night, but I failed because it tasted so amazing!

We went on to try frogs, which really do taste exactly like chicken. Unlike the french, in Vietnam the entire frog is eaten, meaning you get a little more meat than the little leg gives. At this stop we also had goat breast, which was quite tender but the flavour was not exciting compared to what I’ve come to expect from Vietnamese cooking. At this stop I tried a Saigon beer, which was quite drinkable, for someone who doesn’t drink beer. We also had prawns dipped in one of my favourite sauces- salt and pepper with lime juice squeezed over the top. Also tried a similar sauce with chilli and salt with lime, which was great. This style of dipping plain seafood in amazingly dynamic flavours is unique, and a pleasure to eat.

The next stop had the scallops that still tingle my tastebuds! Oh, with fish sauce and peanuts, some slivers of eshallots and other unidentified herbs I really adored them. We also had chilli crap, dipped in a similar sauce to above but using cumquat which was really interesting. It didn’t have the bang of lime but bought a certain sweetness to the dish. We had some of what they call plain cake, but this time it had more of a coffee sauce, which I surprisingly loved. We also had a coconut jelly, of which the coconut water wasn’t exciting but the coconut cream jelly part was sweet and creamy.

On our last day we stopped at a little resteraunt where Da revisited his Bun Bo Hue. The most interesting part of this meal was my brother’s pick. Titled as Beef boiled in vinegar we got this giant hot pot filled with a vinegar mix of herbs and spices where we dipped the meat to cook it, then rolled it in spring rolls with fresh herbs.


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