Osso Bucco and my new slow cooker

It seems to me that having a slow cooker is much like having a maid. I walk into my home tonight, the low cloud attempting to sneak in the door with me and the first thought that pops into my head is ‘mmm I wish I was having what next door is cooking, it smells amazing!’ But wait! That’s not next door! That’s the hearty Osso Bucco dish that’s been simmering away happily all day while I’ve been at work. Now I’m usually a big fan of complicated dishes. There is something wonderful about going through 3000 steps and then getting a beautifully crafted dish. But sometimes I’m so hungry when I get home from work that I’d rather burn my fingers sneaking bacon out of the pan than go through more than one step in cooking. And there is potentially something even more amazing about an appliance that seems to do it all for you. In one meal my 6.5L slow cooker is already worth the $30 I paid for him at HomeArt. The recipe below is my Ma’s. And like all her recipe’s it’s like pulling teeth to try and get her to define amounts or instructions- she cooks so much by feel. But this one it really doesn’t matter- just throw things in and let the slow cooker work his magic!

Ma’s Osso Bucco


  • Root vegetables (I used a soup pack from Coles which had two carrots, a turnip, two parsnips, two potatoes, two pieces of celery and an onion)
  • Osso Bucco (I used three moderately sized pieces as I wanted lots of leftovers- this dish freezes amazingly)
  • 1 jar pasta sauce
  • 1 can diced/crushed tomatoes
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Salt/Pepper to taste

Method; Assembly can be done the night before or morning of.

  1. Chop the vegetables into aprox 2cm cubes.
  2. Place the osso bucco in the slow cooker and throw vegetables on top.
  3. Finely dice garlic and add to slow cooker
  4. Pour over pasta sauce and canned tomatoes until liquid coats all the ingredients (it does not have to cover, maybe about half way up the side of the vegetables- but they should all be coated)
  5. You can now refridgerate for the night- or if you live in a cold place, leave out.
  6. Wake up, convince self to get out of bed.
  7. Turn on slow cooker on high.
  8. Jump on exercise bike and get ready for work (about 1 hour)
  9. Turn cooker onto low and run out the door.
  10. Come home, season if necessary and eat!!!

It really is a magical machine. All that’s left to do is pour a glass of wine and dinner’s done. I’m making slow cooked ribs tomorrow. Mmmm.


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