Spiced Apple, Walnut and Sultana Pancakes with Ricotta and Honey

I should have written this recipe up when I made it two weeks ago. It is delicious! It’s not especially healthy- mostly because of the large amounts of butter I used, but it was a weekend treat. Also about 30 minutes after I ate these I went on a 21 km run so I may … More Spiced Apple, Walnut and Sultana Pancakes with Ricotta and Honey

Overnight Oats

I’ve become addicted to overnight oats. Having creamy deliciousness waiting for me in the fridge when I wake up is enough to motivate me to step out of my cozy bed and start the day. The original mix I was given was easy- 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup greek yoghurt, 1/3 cup milk. It is … More Overnight Oats

Canadian Pancakes (pancakes with bacon and maple syrup!)

I love Canadian pancakes. My first experience with this slightly odd bacon and maple syrup combination was on a trip to Melbourne with my mother. She had decided that I was going mildly insane with studying in year 11 and that removing me to another state and forbidding me to take any sort of school … More Canadian Pancakes (pancakes with bacon and maple syrup!)

Hot Cross Buns

Possibly the most delightful thing about this time of year, apart from spending time with family, is the hot cross bun. Hot and toasty with butter and honey, they are beautiful. This year I have set out to make my own. Aided by my beautiful new iPad, I have needed and rested and baked a … More Hot Cross Buns

Breakfast Scrolls

I really love cooking breakfast on the weekend. Breakfast is also my favourite meal to eat out- there are just such unique and endless oppertunities for taste bud tantalization! Yesterday I had a beautiful cooked breakfast with a variation of my sour cream scrambled eggs, instead using cream cheese and lots of shallots, cooked tomato … More Breakfast Scrolls